Why TriForce Tokens?


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TriForce Tokens (FORCE) is empowering the gaming community through the use of blockchain technology. It provides real world solutions to the gaming industry whilst fostering and encouraging a collaborative gaming community. TriForce Tokens aim is to a community from which every party involved benefits and profits from, including developers, gamers and streamers. We are creating a truly universal gaming currency to be adopted globally.


TriForce Tokens aim to become the industry-standard currency on multiple gaming platforms.

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What Are TriForce Tokens?

TriForce Tokens are creating a digital currency, called FORCE, that aim to offer player-to-player trading, anti-piracy features, and an honorary system that rewards collaborative gameplay.

The technology behind the tokens promises to give developers new revenue models, lower player attrition rate, and player behavior analysis. It will lead to “a new gaming experience for players where they can build a digital asset empire.”

Basically, FORCE tokens are a cryptocurrency that can be used across multiple games. The cryptocurrency aims to promote collaborative gaming, give developers new revenue streams, and allow gamers to earn rewards in exchange for completing certain tasks.

“Imagine a gaming community that is so collaborative, interactive; alive, you as a player can create and shape your own destiny and wealth. What if, as a developer you could integrate with ease into a live, analytical platform with deep player insights and new unique revenue generation models? What if as a player you could create a revenue stream by simply playing the games you love? Well, this is TriForce Tokens, the future of gaming,”explains CEO Pete Mardell on the official website.

How Do TriForce Tokens Work?

There are three core foundations of the technology, including:

Revenue Generation:

– Players can trade items on an open market
– Players can compete with one another for rewards
– Developers can incentivize players to complete tasks
– Developers can set fees on any P2P transactions
– Transactions happen almost instantly and seamlessly across platforms

Player And Developer Protection

– Authentication network for multiple platforms to detect piracy
– Provides developers with a way to extract revenue from pirated content
– Big data interrogation and behavioral tracking provides deeper insights into player behavior
– A player’s activity profile and honor will build trust in the community

Community Collaboration

– Players are rewarded by their peers for positive collaboration
– The community revolves around trustworthy profiles that are transparent and verifiable
– Players will earn revenue simply by helping others

TriForce Tokens Features And Benefits

Some of the features and benefits of the tokens include:

Developer-Friendly And Ready For Rapid Deployment:

Game developers can rapidly deploy common features across games through the TriForce Tokens protocol. Those features could include P2P trading and peer ranking/reputation systems.

Digital Wealth For Developers And Players:

Both developers and players will have unique opportunities to build their digital gaming wealth through the TriForce Tokens platform.

Safe And Ethical Communities:

TriForce Tokens encourages players to collaborate and improve their skills. The honor/reputation system fights back against untrustworthy players by providing a better level of transparency through honor profiles.

Fight Back Against Piracy:

With TriForce Tokens, developers can still profit from those who pirate the game. The developers of TriForce Tokens also plan to implement other anti-piracy strategies over their blockchain.

Who’s Behind TriForce Tokens?

TriForce Tokens, the company, is led by CEO Pete Mardell, the former head of a UK recruitment platform and a passionate gamer and crypto enthusiast. Other key members of the team include Raza Ahmed, CTO and Dr. Nazaraf Shah, PhD, Research Engineer.

The company is headquartered in Coventry University Technology Park in Coventry, UK.

In September 2015, Pete Mardell created a platform that allows browser-based multiplayer games to be deployed where players could bet bitcoins against each other. The project eventually evolved into TriForce Tokens, which was officially registered as a UK company in June 2017.

The company hopes to launch phase 1 of its beta network in April 2018.

The TriForce Tokens Crowdsale

The ICO pre-sale was scheduled for October 14 to October 16, 2017.

There are no individual limits on the pre-sale, although the overall sale has a funding hard cap of $60 million. The official ICO is scheduled for Feb 20 to Apr 10 (or until the $60 million hard cap is reached).

There’s a total supply of 2000 million FORCE tokens. You can pay using ETH only. The cost per token is set at 1 ETH = 6,000 FORCE tokens without discount.

TriForce Tokens Conclusion

TriForce Tokens work as a unified rewards system across the gaming industry. The tokens aim to make it easier for gamers and developers to participate in a thriving in-game economy. Developers can implement the same features across games, while gamers can earn money while completing in-game tasks.


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