What Is Inspeer?

Inspeer is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders without the use of intermediaries. The blockchain acts as the intermediary to provide fast, convenient, safe, and transparent transactions.

Overall, the developers of Inspeer describe their platform as a “modern financial platform, designed to meet a demand of blockchain projects, offline and online companies, and individuals.”

To accomplish that goal, Inspeer provides AI-based scoring and machine learning, consumer data from the credit bureau, and AML verification, among other features. The end result is that clients get favorable terms when taking out a loan, while lenders can safely earn a high return on their investment.

Obviously, Inspeer is one of many lending platforms being built on blockchain technology, and all of them make similar promises. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how Inspeer plans to be different.

How Does Inspeer Work?

One of the unique things about Inspeer is that it allows users to lend and borrow in cryptocurrency as well as fiat.

Lenders and borrowers interact directly with each other through a peer-to-peer platform. It’s called a “crowdlending” platform because it brings investors together with borrowers, then allows the investors (or money lenders) to lend small amounts of money directly to thousands of borrowers.

Other crowdlending platforms are already available today. However, the Inspeer whitepaper identifies some major problems with that industry. The biggest problem is a lack of a developed credit scoring system. So far, traditional institutions like FICO continue to provide the best analysis of a borrower’s likelihood to pay back a loan. Crowdlending platforms haven’t been able to provide a similar rate of success.

That’s where Inspeer sees an opportunity.

Inspeer is built off a platform called LightFin.ru, which is currently operating in Russia as a micro-lending service. Consumers can take out online loans in as little as 1.5 minutes while being verified with a fully automated approval mechanism. LightFin was established in 2016. With Inspeer, the developers aim to build the platform on blockchain technology.

Inspeer will use a credit scoring system called InsCore Machine Learning to provide reliable credit ratings to participants on the platform.

Inspeer Features

Here are some of the core features that will be included in Inspeer (and are already working in LightFin):

Variety Of Financial Services:

LightFun has an efficient scoring system and a loan distribution pipeline. From the very beginning, Inspeer aims to offer similar services, including loans in cryptocurrencies along with fiat issuance of virtual cards and credit cards – both of which will be available soon after launch. In the long-term, the developers plan to develop extended financial products to support small and medium-sized businesses, along with additional blockchain projects. However, they don’t go into further detail about these projects.

InsCore Machine Learning Scoring Model:

As mentioned above, the lack of a reliable credit scoring model has hurt other crowdlending services and lending platforms. To solve this, the developers of Inspeer created InsCore. It’s a scoring model consisting of 1,000 scoring cards for microlending and collateral lending. The platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to conduct a detailed analysis of the borrower. These 1,000 scoring cards assess a borrower’s ability to repay a loan using 20,000 predictors and variables from “traditional and alternative sources”.

OLAF Anti-Fraud System:

OLAF is an online system that tracks users who have been caught faking data online in the past. The system has a database of devices and computers of these users. Inspeer uses this anti-fraud system to reduce the risk of the platform even further.

The Inspeer ICO

The Inspeer ICO starts on November 5, 2017. There’s a total supply of 50 million INSP tokens. Any tokens not sold during the ICO will be destroyed. The token offering will be stopped if the maximum ICO goal of $30 million USD is reached.

The tokens are set at a price of 1 INSP = $1 USD.

Why would you buy INSP tokens? An INSP token represents the right to receive a part of Inspeer’s distributable profits. Every 6 months, 20% of Inspeer’s net profit is transferred to your Ethereum wallet based on smart contract conditions, according to your share of the tokens.

The goals of the project will be based on the results of the ICO:

$2 Million: Inspeer will introduce P2P lending in Russia and Estonia, including payday loans, a virtual card, and cryptocurrency lending as the main priorities.

$6 Million: Inspeer will open P2P lending in Spain and Latvia and issue plastic cards with a credit limit for regular customers.

$12 Million: Inspeer will scale the model further, opening in the UK. They’ll also launch a debt restructuring program for regular customers and obtain an EMI license.

$30 Million: Inspeer will provide loans for small and medium-sized businesses, implement a cross-border payment system, and provide venture capital crowdfunding.

85% of the total supply of 50 million tokens is up for sale during the ICO. 9% is reserved for the team; 3% for bounties, and 3% for advisors.

Who’s Behind Inspeer?

Inspeer is led by Denis Kabanets (CEO and Founder), Nikolay Otvechalin (CFO), and Denis Ryabikin (CTO). The company is officially registered in the Seychelles under the name Inspeer Limited.

Inspeer Conclusion

Inspeer, like many blockchain-based lending platforms, aims to provide a better experience for borrowers and lenders. Lenders can earn a high ROI in a safe and reliable way, while borrowers can access lower interest rates. One of the unique things about Inspeer is that the platform aims to provide cryptocurrency and fiat loans.

Inspeer is already operating under the name LightFin in Russia. With Inspeer and the ICO, the company aims to expand the platform and build it on blockchain technology for enhanced security, lower fees, and a better borrowing experience.

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