What Is Fintechbit?

FinTechBit token is a utility token built on the Waves blockchain that enables the holder to transcend geopolitical frontiers and become a member of an exclusive educational trading group – Fintechbit. Fintechbit uses a proprietary trading robot – PredicTrader™ – to educate the beginner and experienced trader alike how to align themselves with current trends in digital currencies, in particular Bitcoin Futures. Members will be aided by a robot and learn how to use algorithms to position themselves appropriately in the market. PredicTrader™ will teach members how to adapt to and benefit from dynamic markets. This will empower members to learn to trade in all market conditions.

Our Vision

It is the Fintechbit team’s vision to educate anyone who is willing to learn how to trade in this exciting market. To achieve this, Fintechbit is being offered as a utility token so that anyone from anywhere can join the Fintechbit trading group and learn how to participate in the Bitcoin rise. Fintechbit token is not a security token. It is a token that enables anyone to buy educational resources by becoming a member of Fintechbit group. The purpose of issuing a token is to enable anyone from anywhere to become a member of the educational trading group without being encumbered by geopolitical stress.

Why​ ​Join​ ​Fintechbit​ ​Group?

Fintechbit group will be teaching members how to trade Bitcoin futures and cryptocurrencies as well as how to read market dynamics. Facilitated by our trading robot – PredicTrader™, members will learn how to read and understand market signal and how to position themselves for maximum benefits from the newly offered Bitcoin futures and other cryptocurrencies.

PredicTrader™ (PT) is an automated application (robot) that enables you concentrate on things you are passionate about PredicTrader™ Will Teach You How to Analyze Markets PredicTrader™ is an automated market analysis application (robot) that constantly analyzes market conditions and takes positions accordingly. PredicTrader™ will teach you how to do the same. PT uses technical analysis to find good setups to take positions. Technical Analysis is the forecasting of variables’ future value by examination of past behavior or state of being. Variables can be anything like temperature, population growth, financial price movements or carbon dioxide emissions. Technical analysis is applicable to variables where the quality/value/quantity is influenced by the forces of supply, demand, economic outlook, geopolitical state of being, climate or natural phenomena. It follows, therefore, that technical analysis is the method of choice by market participants for analyzing the markets. Market participants can be traders, investors or students and members of educational trading groups like Fintechbit group. Market participants are always looking for ways to minimize their drawdowns. This is done by finding the optimal risk/reward ratio. Risk/reward is a metric used by market participants to set how much money they are willing to risk for a predefined potential gain.

PredicTrader™ dynamically sets this ratio depending on whether the market is volatile or calm. The methods used in this article are applicable to any market.

Fintechbit trading group’s primary focus will be on teaching members how to position themselves to benefit from Bitcoin Futures offerings. However, the market used in this explanation is the S&P 500 Emini because Bitcoin Futures Offerings have just started and there is no past data to extrapolate from. The S&P500 Emini is offered in 4 contract months in a year – one contract month per quarter. The contract month at the time of writing this white paper is December 2017 – code named ESZ7. For the market explained in the figures below PT uses a ratio of “Gain of 5 points and Risk of 4 points”. Positions are taken in a quarter (¼ ) of a point increments. One point (4 quarter points) price movement is equal to $50 per contract. So for a movement of 5 points in the positive direction, there is a gain of $250 per contract.


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