What is Bitplay?

itplay Club Lottery is the perfect game for everyone who likes to win! The simple rules and great odds let you win easily and often. Drawings are held every day of the week!

Our lottery is an online bitcoin lottery based on blockchain. Blockchain technology allows us to run honest lottery with transparent drawing results, prize pool and incredibly high Jackpot in Bitcoins.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel. Our lottery is more like a classic lottery where you need to guess the numbers that will be drawn, but we can say with 100% confidence that we improved the lottery in all possible ways.

We use an open source formula for getting drawn numbers that everyone can have a look at. The formula takes certain data of blocks found on blockchain and uses them to receive the drawn number.

You all know how many lotteries are over there nowadays but they don’t give you an opportunity to check the fair play. Well, we do! We tried to make better, convenient, provably fair product that will gain the recognition of those who love lotteries and we do hope we succeeded in it.

Detailed review:

There is nothing more satisfying than winning the lottery. The game is simple, the rules are clear, and playing is cheap and effortless. The jackpots are usually huge, which often makes lotto wins life-changing. This is exactly why the cryptocurrency space needs its own lotteries, and the reason why Bitplay Club launched its own lottery. Bitplay Club has some advantages over traditional lotteries. First and foremost, the lottery is provably fair, meaning participants can verify the randomness of the outcome. Then there are those Bitcoin jackpots, the kind that keep on giving even years after people hit them. Lastly, Bitplay Club plays its draws quite frequently, making it one of the most desirable lotteries out there.

Games Selection

What can be said about a lottery game that people don’t know? The premise is simple: get a ticket and wait for the draw to see if you win. The advantage with Bitplay Club is that you don’t have to check the numbers on the TV, the newspaper or a website. Bitplay Club play its draws and pays for wins automatically. It is all blockchain-based, making it sweet and fast. If you by any chance want to check the randomness of the draw, just check their formula and the draw.

Bitplay Club holds one draw every day and you can buy as many tickets as you want. You can either choose your numbers or have the computer choose them for you. Another variant of the game called the “system game” will allow you to choose numbers and allow the computer to generate various possible combinations. You will then choose the amount of numbers you want to play from those and pay accordingly.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bitplay Club is considering giving out free lotto tickets to people who sign up in the future. As of now, there are no bonuses or promotions available, but management says this will change soon.

Payment Methods

To pay for tickets is easy. You just have to open an account on the Bitplay Club website and transfer Bitcoin to that account. Then, from that account you will be able to buy as many tickets as you want. The tickets are 0.0001BTC each, and jackpots vary according to the amount of tickets bought every day. Payments and withdrawals are quick and easy to make. They rely completely on the blockchain, so they are fast and reliable.


There is no doubt than when it comes to lottery, the blockchain is a fantastic way of playing no matter where you are in the world, especially if it is a Bitcoin lottery. Bitplay Club has capitalized on this with a great system that has a daily draw, incredible jackpots and other prizes for ticket holders. The fact that Bitplay Club is provably fair, and its pay outs are immediate, make it one of the greatest options out there.

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