Why BeEasy?

Link – https://beeasy.io/
BeEasy is a blockchain ecosystem designed for mining, trading, and managing cryptocurrency investments.

What Is BeEasy?



BeEasy is the key project for ‘Cryptocompany’ international group of companies. We are an all-in-one ecosystem of interrelated cryptocurrency processing services such as mining, fund, exchange, charity, gaining partner goods and services, and converting to fiat, among others. We offer the all-in-one interface solution powered by a single sign-in user authorization.

The well-designed service and solution integration allows our product line to be accessible to both professionals and beginners. Our ‘know-how’ innovative solution is providing the best possible links between different services and intuitively navigated interfaces for all user groups. We succeed in creating the unprecedented synergy that is not available to the users of specialized but strictly segmented services. Last but not least, BeEasy is also a full-fledged ecosystem for vendors, offline stores, game studios, and charity organizations that can benefit from using our product in their marketing and user outreach efforts with the API system integration

Our project’s mission is to encourage the development of decentralized economy of blockchain networks and cryptocurrency by engaging as many new, previously left out, authentic user groups as possible. We hold an essential value to each user group: we are offering specific goods and services, a source of income, and fulfillment of the need for social accountability to our non-professional users, while providing flexible and clear tools for solving professional tasks.

We plan to engage those who are currently not involved with the cryptocurrency market by providing our users with essentially convenient interfaces for all of our services. Here is how we are addressing these tasks:  by developing user apps and interfaces (all-in-one authorization, BeEasy personal account, mining clients, monitoring clients, telegram bots, among others);  by developing service systems (multicurrency pool, conversion getaways, liquidity management systems, exchange);  by building infrastructure (data center with its own mining equipment).

Here is our line of products:

1. EasyPool: professional solutions

The core features of the product include:  

– multicurrency mining pool
– client web interface  
– client software  
– equipment process monitoring and management system powered by a telegram bot
– iOS and Android apps  
– intelligent mining management systems

2. EasyTrade: professional solutions

We are introducing our cryptocurrency exchange supporting trader software integration (MetaTrader, TickTrader) and providing an interface for brokers and traders. Currently featuring a web interface, expanding to a mobile app and a widget in the near future.

3. BeEasy multifunction service

Our unique product is an all-in-one user authorization system that allows to navigate and manage all user information for BeEasy services (mining, fund, exchange, charity, gaining partner goods and services, and converting to fiat, among others). You can register only once and after an optional verification procedure receive full access to all system features and services via unified and easy to navigate interface. What looks like a single dashboard is the system that accumulates all core information such as the current account balance on various services, the services status, ‘quick’ asset moving between services, access to setting up inter-service transaction chains, and fully passing on the controls to the robot.

4. EasyPlay: mass product

Meet our web interface and a client app featuring the following functionality scenario:

– the user downloads the software and installs in onto the PC
– immediately after installing, the software invites the user to complete the simple registration with BeEasy, and runs the system diagnostics
– the user is prompted to choose a partner offer that they would like to receive
– during the process, the user can monitor the mining progress bar indicating the remaining time until receiving the goods or services
– when the mining process is finished, the software notifies the user and emails them the promocode certificate for claiming the bonus.

Token Usage and Explaining Demand

First and foremost, tokens are a discount certificate for internal use within BeEasy project services.

1. Using tokens to buy “cloud mining” power: Part of ICO revenues will be used to purchase mining equipment for the project data-center. Benefiting from the fact that the company is a mining equipment manufacturer and supplier and that the company owns its own solutions in the field, we will be offering our token owners equipment usage contracts at the net cost. This means that the cost of one-year contract will equal to the equipment price including delivery and installing at the time of purchase.

2. Using tokens within the mining pool: Cryptocurrency mining pool EasyPool withholds a 2% fee from all mined assets. For EasyToken owners, this fee would be deducted to 1% and will be exchanged for the project tokens.

3. Using tokens within the EasyFund: The liquidity management system charges a 5% commission for all invested assets and a 5% commission for the investing output. The EasyToken owners will have both of these fees deducted down to 2.5%, if exchange for tokens.

4. Using tokens within the cryptocurrency exchange EasyTrade: All exchange services and fees starting from order fees to asset input and output fees will have a 50% discount for all token owners.

5. Using tokens within the EasyPlay service: Token purchase for EasyPlay service functioning is carried out at conditions equal to those of all BeEasy ecosystem participants, and it is implemented at the market rate within the EasyTrade service platform.

6. In addition, as a part of BeEasy all-in-one system it will be possible to receive special exclusive conditions for partner goods and services in exchange for tokens. With these solutions, we are planning to gradually solidify the interest in using EasyToken tokens for purchasing services as they provide our users with an incredible opportunity to significantly save up. Since we do not intend to emit token follow-on offering, we project that the demand will grow as will the project user network.

User network growth forecast:  

2018: over 500, 000 service users  
2019: over 2, 000, 000 service users  
2020: over 5,000,000 service users  
2021: over 10, 000, 000 service users.

BeEasy Conclusion

BeEasy makes the world of cryptocurrency more clear and available to any users regardless of their skill levels. It is reached due to development of clear interfaces and flexible management system by the most demanded services: mining, conversion, trading, purchase of goods and services, investments, assignments on charity, etc. With the help of a “one window system” the user authorized at once can use all system services – from rent of capacities for a mining till receiving goods for cryptocurrency and services from partners of the project.

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